how to perform sfc scan

How to perform system file scan(SFC SCAN)

This command will help to check the inconsistencies with the system files health. It needs to be run from a command prompt window opened with administrator privileges. The command which needs to be executed is


That is useful to check and fix the system file issues.

CONDITION 1: During some cases, there will be a result shown as corrupted files found during the scan process and they cannot be fixed.

CONDITION2: The system file checking may also result as corrupted files found during the scan process.

CONDITION3: The system file checker scan also shows as some of the corrupted files found and they are fixed.

CONDITION4: Windows resource protection could not start the repair service .

CONDITION5:  Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation.

The reasons for Office installation or any file opening errors may also occur due to the corrupted files and it needs to be fixed.

There are many ways to fix it out of which the last attempt is to perform a clean installation of windows.

The reasons for these corruptions is due to the system memory issues and temporary or junk files.

The temporary files usually are formed when we install any application or perform any operation with a WIndows program.

These files acquire the required data bases and link the files to make a program to open and work. However after closing the program, there will be an issues with the leftover system files.

These files can be namely be with extension .tmp or temp. The temporay files can also be inside the temp folders in the user profile Local app data or the system folder Windows inside the C drive.

The issues can be cleared by performing a PC Optimization using a disk cleanup tool.

Disk cleanup utility can be accessed through the This PC properties icon.

how to perform network check for office installations

Why a network connection is required for installing Office?

Office is available in different models like a DVD software and an Online Click to run versions.

Both the versions of Office are widely available to download from your Microsoft Office account (

The Online click to run version is always a recommended way to install Office for the reason it keeps getting updated with the latest versions.

However a DVD software is necessary when it is required to install Office without Internet.

However it is required to have internet in order to activate Office. These Office click to run versions related information can be found here.

The latest versions updates usually happens automatically. If the auto update fails to install, it is required to install using manual updates.

Manual update request will be notified on the top menu bar. This usually happens when you set the office updates to check manually.

In order to check the network consistency for an office product installation, the following cases are good to follow.

  1. It is important to check whether the Windows updates are running smoother.
  2. The network lookup command which is mentioned below should be executed on the command line.
  3. The resultant data should not display the server name as unknown which is an indication for a failed network.
  4. The network fix is to restart the router once.
  5. The alternative method is to try to swap the connection from a WIFI to a LAN Cabled connection.

The network connection cannot always go wrong unless there is a failed system date and time in certain conditions.

The failed system date and time is a condition when the computer becomes old and the CMOS battery drains out.

In such conditions, the date and time can always go wrong even after setting it right.

how to check office listed under programs and features

In order to check the list of Office programs installed under programs and features, follow these steps:


Check inside the control panel window for programs and feature icon, click to open programs and featues.

Search for the name of the program as Office and wait for the search results.

In case if you see two different programs with the same name, follow the procedures to select and uninstall the unwanted one.

In order to execute the repair options, select program name and then click on change.

It will show you the online repair and quick repair options.

select the alternative ones to find the way to repair the program.

If there are two different versions of office program, the unwanted and old programs can be uninstalled.

It is also possible to have standalone office programs at some times. In such cases there may be different office programs which are required. Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project can be found alongside Microsoft Office. This is because the package is bought as a standalone for some purpose.

Another way, the Outlook is also available as a standalone package whereas Office Home and Student programs are not included with Outlook.

The business packages like Microsoft Office 365 Business premium or Office 365 Home premium includes all the required programs into the same package with name Microsoft Office 365.

The Word or Excel is sometimes purchased seperately by business users to use additional third party programs integrated with Office.

These are used for data analysis at a higher level included with advanced pivots and communication modules for sharing the data on cloud.

If a program cannot be repaired and resulted with some error is basically due to the corruption of the program or missing file system for an installed package.

This can happen due to malware or some virus issues or some user mistakes.

A system restore can be helpful some times in such cases. If a system restore fails, it can be assisted by our trained technicians.