can’t find office applications after Windows 10 upgrade

Can’t find office applications as windows 10 doesn’t pin the Office apps to the start menu or the Taskbar by default. The user has the full control to customise the shortcuts.

Start menu on taskbar beside cortana

Use Cortana to search for your program name and then right click on it to pin to task bar or the start menu. These shortcuts are to be created to easily access the programs. Usually the files are directly associated with the direct programs that are installed on your computers. The extensions will detect the file types and will associate the relevant programs to open them.

Some cases the files might ask you to select the program to open with window and will stay open searching for the name of the program which means that the program is not either installed correctly or the program has been corrupted.

start menu office applications

Causes of thirdparty applications

Other reasons for the causes of missing office applications would be the missing file associations policies that are unregistered on your computer.This kind of problem is called as registry failure.During the registry failure incidents, it is required to clear and delete the corrupted office registry keys and reinstall the office applications.

Deleted office shortcuts from desktop

The other reason is when you clear the temporary files and junk files or clean your computer, you might have deleted the office shortcuts  from desktop.  It is required to check the recyclebin and restore the required shortcuts.